Beyond Your Bits: 6 Alternative Uses for PoPo Powder

While many love our Popo Powder for its odor-fighting & moisture-wicking abilities “down there”, the truth is it can be used EVERYWHERE! Gentle, organic ingredients like non-GMO cornstarch make this talc free powder one natural product swap you definitely won’t regret. Here are our favorite alternative uses for it:

  • 1. Dry Shampoo

  • A staple in many a haircare routine, dry shampoo is great for extending washes (and therefore saving water) but that slender little can you’re pointing at your head every few days? It’s chock full of aerosol propellants like butane and propane  yikes. Call us crazy, but we aren’t too keen on spraying things labeled “Highly Flammable” directly into our faces and breathing them into our lungs. Not to mention all the synthetic fragrance necessary for that faux-cherry scent...chemical cocktail, anyone?

    Believe it or not, some dry shampoos and DIY substitutes still contain talc, which is great at absorbing oil but is often contaminated with asbestos and has been linked to skin irritations, organ system toxicity, respiratory distress and increased risk of certain cancers.

    You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health for your hair. Instead, try sprinkling a bit of PoPo Powder onto your hair at the roots. Its oil-absorbing powers come from the organic cornstarch and each of the 9 heavenly aromas are powered by nothing but pure essential oils.

  • 2. Coat Refresher for Pets

  • Have a smelly pet but not the desire to wrestle them into a bathtub? PoPo Powder is a gentle, all-natural way to keep your pet’s coat soft and fresh between visits to the groomer. Position your pooch over some newspaper to keep the cleanup to a minimum, apply PoPo Powder as needed, allow it to sit for a few minutes, then brush out. We recommend the unscented powder since your dog's nose can be extra sensitive to smells.

    3. Shoe Deodorizer 

    The same way baking soda in deodorant neutralizes odor-causing bacteria, the non-aluminum baking soda in PoPo Powder will keep your gym shoes from stinking up the whole house. Plus, natural anti-fungal ingredients help eliminate the threat of athlete’s foot. A light dusting on the inside of each shoe after a workout will go a long way to keep your nose & your feet happy.

    4. Grip Powder

    The magnesium carbonate in PoPo Powder helps absorb moisture on your palms when rock climbing, weight lifting, or participating in other athletic endeavors. Keep a bottle in your gym bag and you’ll always have an all-natural grip powder on hand.

    5. Lash Primer

    Give your lashes a bit of extra oomph - dip a clean spoolie into PoPo Powder and coat your eyelashes before applying mascara. The powder will help thicken your lash line for a more defined look.

    6. Body Powder

    From head to toe, PoPo Powder keeps your skin feeling soft and dry. Pair it with your favorite pit paste for extra wetness protection, use it in your groin area to help reduce discomfort and odor, or put a bit between your thighs to prevent chafing - however (and wherever) you use it, PoPo Powder is an all-around all star.

    Any PoPo Powder hacks we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments!

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