Honoring America's Veterans

For many veterans, gaining access to basic healthcare services can be a challenge. Waiting periods at VA centers can be incredibly lengthy, and military members only have insurance for a limited time period after leaving the service. That’s why this Veteran’s Day, we are shining a spotlight on one of our beloved charitable partnersHelping Hands Dental Foundation.

This organization raises funds to provide quality, affordable dental care to veterans, reservists, active service members and their immediate families in order to improve the overall health and quality of life for our veterans in need.

The prompt, low-cost care they are provide through donations helps eliminate unnecessary delays and further dental decline.

In addition to dental care, HHDF also provides vets with “Angel Bags”, containing basic necessities like food, water, personal care items, and protective clothing to help those in critical need.

We are so honored to have become a HHDF partner this year. It is especially meaningful for the veterans who are part of the P3 Team. If you’d like to join us in supporting this worthy cause, click here to donate.

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