Meet Blue Tansy

Ah, the blue tansy. Often misrepresented as an exotic azure blossom, it’s really a yellow-flowered herb. But this humble little plant packs a serious punch when it comes to health and skin benefits.

Ok But... Why is it Called Blue Tansy if It’s Yellow?

The essential oil distilled from its leaves, flowers, and stems is actually a member of the chamomile family. Blue tansy, sometimes called ‘Moroccan Blue Chamomile’, contains a compound called azulene which, when steam distilled, produces a beautiful blue hue.

Benefits & Uses of Blue Tansy Essential Oil

When you think of chamomile, a calming, soothing cup of hot tea probably comes to mind - blue tansy is no different.

  • Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Because it’s rich in antioxidants, blue tansy can help to reduce oxidative stress and combat inflammation. It’s also known to minimize redness and soothe skin irritation, which make it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin and those looking to calm eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea.

  • Quiets the Mind

Move over, lavender. The sweet, herbaceous aroma of blue tansy offers an instant mental escape - helping to soothe tension, calm nerves, and boost your mood. If you’ve never smelled it, check out these colorful descriptions.

  • Softens & Nourishes Skin

Blue tansy deeply nourishes and protects dry, delicate skin. When combined with natural moisturizers like the coconut oil and shea butter in our deodorant, blue tansy is the cherry on top of a skin-rejuvenating sundae.

Beneficial to both body and mind, this little beauty is the star of facial oils, creams, and now… our new Blue Moon deodorant! Grab yours before they’re gone for good and experience the beauty of blue tansy for yourself.

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