Help! I’m Sweaty: A Natural Guide to Perspiration

We all do it — some more than others — but sweating is a natural part of everyday life. So let’s take a deep dive into the particulars of perspiration.


Hyperhydrosis is a scientific name for a common condition: excessive sweating. This generally shows itself in the armpits, on the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands. Although only about two to three percent of Americans suffer from clinical hyperhydrosis, many of us deal with sweating more than we’d like; and temporary periods of hyperhydrosis can occur for a number of reasons. Some endocrine and systemic diseases can cause it, as well as heat and stress or emotions.

Another reason that you might go through hyperhydrosis is when you wean yourself off antiperspirants that contain harmful ingredients like aluminum that work by clogging the pores to prevent sweating. Read on to find out why sweating is actually good for you — and what you can do to combat hyperhydrosis.


Expelling sweat through the pores in our skin is the body’s way of self-regulating heat. Sweating keeps our body cooled down and prevents overheating. The process also flushes out our pores (preventing acne), increases blood circulation, detoxifies the body, and acts as an immunity defense, fighting off germs and pathogens. A study published in the journal Archives of Environmental and Contamination Toxicology in 2011 found that sweating eliminates many toxic elements from the body. Because sweat gets rid of excess salt and calcium, it lowers the risk of kidney stones.

Knowing all that begs the question: why would we ever want to prevent our body from sweating? Especially through the use of toxic heavy metals like aluminum, that have been linked to a number of health risks.


We tend to sweat more when we do two other things that are very, very good for us — drink lots of water, and exercise.

Maintaining proper hydration is vital to our health, and most people drink far less water every day than they should. The rule of thumb is four to six cups a day for the average adult, though many professionals recommend drinking half an ounce of water daily for each pound that you weigh. Click here to calculate exactly how much you should be drinking.

Exercise is also important to health, and a good cardio/aerobic workout will work up a sweat. But it also produces endorphins, those awesome “feel good” hormones that give you a natural high.


It’s true. Many people don’t like either the feel or smell of a sweaty body, so while knowing all the amazing benefits of sweating might make you want to avoid clogging your pores to prevent it, most of us still want to look, feel and smell good.

Speaking of which — did you know that body odor is not actually caused by your sweat at all? It’s the bacteria that makes you stinky! By using natural ingredients that prevent bacteria from accumulating and neutralize odors naturally, you’re likely to notice a major decline in your stink factor. Oh, and those embarrassing yellow armpit stains on your clothing? They aren’t caused by sweat, either — they’re created when the chemical ingredients in traditional deodorants and antiperspirants react with your sweat. Once you go all-natural, you can say buh-bye to those nasty stains.


1. Choose the Right Deodorant

There are a number of Mother Nature approved ways to deal with sweat naturally and successfully, but the easiest and most effective is to use a natural deodorant like Primal Pit Paste, which contains ingredients like non-aluminum baking soda — or zinc for those who need a baking soda-free solution — and arrowroot powder. These not only eliminate body odor, but help naturally absorb sweat to help keep you feeling fresh.

2. Add Body Powder for Backup

An all-natural body powder like our PoPo Powder can provide additional wetness protection during those times when you may be sweatier than usual. It's made with organic, non-GMO cornstarch and baking soda to keep you feeling soft and dry under your arms (or anywhere for that matter!). 

3. Detox Your Armpits

When you stop using toxic deodorants and antiperspirants, you'll experience a “pit detox” period where your sweat glands work overtime to rid your body of all the chemicals it has been exposed to over the years. This hyperhydrosis is completely natural - and temporary! 

During this detox period, you may also notice that you actually stink more than you did before. Don’t panic — this will also pass! Toxins and bacteria in your skin have built up after perhaps years of being clogged by aluminum and other ingredients in traditional anti-perspirant deodorants.

Remember — this phase is only temporary, and incorporating our Pit Detox Kit will help make the transition easier. Once your body has adjusted to using an aluminum-free deodorant, your sweat (and stink) will return to normal. In fact, the longer you use a natural deodorant, you’ll find that your body will produce less sweat and less stink... pretty amazing!

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