Pick Your Pit Paste: Friends Edition

If your favorite Friends characters used Primal Pit Paste, which would they choose? We are so glad you asked!

Monica Geller

Monica is definitely a Charcoal Seaside Stick kind of gal. The scent is crisp, clean, and refreshing and the active ingredient is known for its purifying properties – perfect for everyone’s favorite clean freak. Bonus points: she doesn’t have to use her fingers to apply it because, well that’s just asking for a mess.

Chandler Bing

Though it’s hard to tell through all the sarcasm, Mrs. Chanandler Bong has a sensitive side – and that includes his pits. Nothing but Magnesium Natural Deodorant for those delicate underarms. Plus, he secretly uses Monica’s Pit Primer post-bubble bath to really pamper his pits.

Rachel Green

Like her haircut, Rachel’s Pit Paste of choice is an icon: Baking Soda Lavender. It’s sophisticated yet relatable – the eternal girl next door of Pit Pastes, if you will.

Joey Tribianni

An avid fan of all things edible, Joey accidentally said “How you doin’?” to the Orange Creamsicle Kids Stick – mistaking it for the delicious frozen treat by the same name. After taking a bite, he quickly realized it was not, in fact, ice cream. But shrugged his shoulders and continued eating because “It says FOOD-grade!” 


Phoebe Buffay

What keeps Phoebe from becoming a Smelly Cat? Baking Soda Natural Deodorant in Palo Santo. Warm, earthy, and completely one-of-a-kind. It comes in an eco-friendly glass jar and of course, it’s vegan.

Ross Geller

Thinking he’d need maximum odor protection for anytime he had to go “Red Ross” on anyone, Ross started with Extra Strength Pit Paste. But after experiencing some pretty unpleasant pit irritation, quickly had to pivot to Zinc. You could say he’s “on a break” from Baking Soda.

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