Primal Pit Paste Partner: Keep A Breast

Since 2012, P3 has been on a mission to knock toxic products off the shelf, and part of that includes educating and informing about the importance of breast cancer prevention. We believe prevention is the cure - and early detection is key. That's why we encourage folks to use their fingers to apply their deodorant and get to know their bodies better.

This October, in honor of Breast Cancer Prevention Month, we are partnering with The Keep A Breast Foundation™ to help empower young people around the world with breast health education and support. Since its inception in 2000, KAB has worked with young people to remove the shame associated with breasts and breast health.

Every P3 purchase made during the month of October directly benefits KAB and their efforts to bring awareness to the importance of regular self-checks.

Check Yourself!

KAB strives to motivate people to live proactively and inspire them to be their own health advocates. With 40% of diagnosed breast cancer cases being detected by someone who feels a lump (National Cancer Institute), KAB strongly believes in the power of the breast self-check. Plus, when breast cancer is detected early, in the localized stage, the 5-year survival rate is 98% (National Cancer Institute). Early detection is the key.

In order to know if something is wrong, you have to know how your body feels when it’s right: your “normal”. The best time to check yourself is about a week after your period ends, this is when your hormones are the most stable. By checking yourself at this time, you’ll know exactly how your body should feel at this point in your cycle. So, if something is ever different, you’ll likely notice it right away. Knowing what is normal for your body could potentially save your life

Do your best to approach the self-check as part of your regular health routine, like brushing your teeth or eating vegetables! This way you have a more positive mindset, rather than feel like you’re looking for something to be wrong. You’re just getting to know your body. 

The self-check is a healthy practice for your body and mind. By incorporating the self-check into your routine, you have a designated time every month that you spend getting to know and just being with your body, in-turn strengthening your relationship to it. Checking yourself is loving yourself. 

With approximately 12,000 women under 40 being diagnosed with breast cancer every year (John’s Hopkins Medical Center), it’s never too early to start checking. No scary medical procedures, just getting to know your boobies and starting that positive relationship with them. 

There’s an app for that!

The Keep A Breast Check Yourself! App is the ultimate self-check tool. It teaches you how to do a breast self-check, using interactive gifs, and allows you to schedule an automatic monthly reminder! 


We are so honored to be a KAB partner this year, and hope you'll join us in supporting their efforts. If you'd like more information on Keep A Breast, click here to visit their website, or follow them on social media.

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