Plant to Stay: We Believe in the Power of Trees

We strive to do what's right by Mother Nature every day. From using responsibly-sourced, organic ingredients to creating earth-friendly packaging solutions, P3 Pure is committed to keeping our planet in tip-top shape for future generations. But today especially, it's important for us to stop and reflect on mankind's impact on our environment.

The UN’s recent Global Environment Outlook calls on global leaders to take immediate action to address pressing environmental issues in order to achieve a healthy planet with healthy people. That’s why we’ve partnered with Trees for the Future this Earth Day. Through their 30 years of experience planting trees around the world, we know that trees and regenerative agriculture reduce the impacts of climate change, sustainably feed our growing population, and allow humanity to thrive.

Trees for the Future works to improve the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands. By planting forest gardens, TFF is helping to end hunger, poverty and deforestation so future generations can stay and flourish here on Earth. We are helping them call on people around the world to #PlantToStay.

How You Can Help

  • Shop
  • Today, Monday, April 22, you can support Trees for the Future simply by buying your favorite P3 products. For each item you buy, we will plant 1 tree; so you can feel as good about your purchase as you’ll smell while using it.

  • Donate

  • You can donate directly to Trees for the Future by clicking here. If you donate during the month of April, your contribution will automatically be doubled!

  • Share

  • Share this post on across social media with the hashtag #PlantToStay and help us spread the word about the life-changing work going on at Trees for the Future.

    For more information about Trees for the Future, click here or watch the video below. Happy Earth Day!

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