Real Stories by Real People: Laura's Review of Primal Pit Paste

At the risk of humiliating myself...

I used to have to layer 3 different deodorants at once just to keep my funk at bay. That's a lot of money down the drain every time I ran out!

I also started developing a rash after many years of use, so I decided to check out some natural brands. At first I found [Other Deodorant Brand], which worked great to cover up the BO, but the texture rubs on like sandpaper, and I broke out with a painful rash ten times worse than my normal deodorants!

So, then I tried 3 different scents from their sensitive skin line, and none of them worked for covering the body odor, and they were way too strongly perfumed, to the point of giving me instant migraines.

So, then I found out about Primal Pit Paste and decided to give you guys a try. I ordered the level 2 Creamsicle scent, along with the soothing serum, since I had such a bad reaction to the baking soda in [Other Deodorant Brand].

Primal Pit Paste with their skin soothing serum is the perfect combination for your pits!

I've been using PPP for a week now and have had zero issues with rashes!!! I love how the paste just feels smooth, like you're putting on lotion. Not only that, but the scent is just very light, fruity, and unobtrusive. At first I was worried that maybe it wouldn't cover the BO enough, but that couldn't be further from the truth!

Your product claims to neutralize odor, and that is absolutely correct! Literally, all day long, my armpits just smell like nothing. And I mean that in a good way! I don't have to worry about being so perfumey that people can smell me from a mile away like with [Other Deodorant Brand], and I also don't have to worry about BO!! My pits just have no scent. They don't even start to develop a scent at all until about 12 hours after applying!

You guys have seriously created a miracle product, that if I didn't know any better, I'd think it was created with magic! Thank you so much for existing!! I will never go back to anything else!!

- Laura

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