Real Stories by Real People: Lindsey's Review of Primal Pit Paste

This Sweaty Pig is Finally Happy

Imagine two sweaty pigs got together and had a kid who was destined to be the One Sweaty Pig to Rule Them All: that's me.

My body sweats like it's going out of style and I've never been able to find a natural deodorant that helps keep my body comfortable and also, ahem, olfactorily acceptable. I tried at least 6-7 natural products; none could stand against the odorous wrath of the Pig.

Enter Primal Pit Paste; my world changed! Praise God almighty, it actually works. My pits can finally sweat healthfully while still smelling great. And here's the thing: if I start to stink at any point during the day, I just apply a tiny (tiny) bit of PPP and boom, the smell is gone. It doesn't just cover up B.O., ladies and gents, it *absorbs* it. I keep a "mini" in my purse and the big jars at home.

The One Sweaty Pig to Rule Them All now sits comfortably on a throne of jasmine and lavender. :)

Primal Pit Paste with their skin soothing serum is the perfect combination for your pits!

P.S. Two things I've learned the hard way, in case it helps you:

  • (1) My skin is sensitive. I did get a rash once, but it's because I was OVERapplying. (Too much butter/oil = wet armpits + friction = diaper rash.) So if you are concerned about that, cut way back on the volume of PPP you use at each application. I buy the jars and only use a pea-sized amount or less on each pit. Then I re-apply only *half* that amount during the day if needed. No rashes since.
  • (2) I tried to make my own version of PPP - failure. It's worth sending PPP those few extra bucks to enjoy their perfected recipe and save your time.

- Lindsey

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