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About us

There’s a lot of B.S. in the world.

Artificial this. Superficial that. A lot of pose and posture, served up with a healthy dose of deception. Sometimes it feels like our national slogan should be “Profits > People.” Turns out, not all companies operate that way. There are actually people out there that'll shoot you straight, step up to the plate and deliver quality products that are good for you, won’t try to hide things or trick you, and just tell it like it is.

In an industry full of copycats, short-cutters and toxic products masquerading as all-natural, we’re here to just be straight up about things. That includes telling you exactly (and proudly) what’s in our products, and calling B.S. when we see it.

Our team of natural pioneers is proud to fly our anti-establishment flag in a sea of corporate complacency from our home in Austin, Texas because Pretty Frank isn’t just a rad name. It’s how we live.

We handcraft the most natural, best-for-you stuff on earth that actually works because we want to help people become happier, healthier, and more confident.

So get Pretty Frank. And just be yourself.