COVID-19 Relief Effort: Our Hand Purifier and Hand Sanitizer

Cleanser, Purifier, Sanitizer. We are seeing a couple different terms for "Hand Sanitizers" throughout the market. Is there a difference? What is the difference? There's alcohol in it, and the ingredients look similar...

There's a lot of info floating around, so let's find some truth amidst the chatter.

Don't be fooled by companies operating outside of regulations - What to look for:

Pretty Frankly, one of the most important factors is the alcohol percentagewhich will typically be listed next to 'alcohol' on the ingredients label. The CDC (Center For Disease Control) recommends using a product that has at least 60% alcohol*, if hand-washing is not readily available. 

The FDA is a whole different story. Something many people are learning for the first time: Hand Sanitizers are over-the-counter (OTC) drugs regulated by FDA*. 

Now, in order to become FDA Certified during this time, you must follow one of two steps:

1. Use the recommended formula inside the "Temporary Policy for Preparation of Certain Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Products During the Public Health Emergency (COVID-19)"* (Fun document name, right?). 

    • This step's formula is also our Hand Sanitizer formula, hence why we can be recognized as a Sanitizer by the FDA
    • The alcohol percentage is to be at least 80%
    • No additional ingredients outside of those listed in the document allowed during this step
2. File for FDA approval
    • Can take weeks or even months to get approved, especially with current wait queue
    • FDA can approve products under 80% alcohol, upon inspection and their own set of qualifying factors.
    • See a product under 80% alcohol but claiming FDA approval? Check the NDC directory for them here

So, what does this mean?

The FDA will not officially "approve" a sanitizer under 80% alcohol, without it going through their system of applications. It can, however, be labeled a Hand Sanitizer if it follows their specific listed guidelines referenced in "Temporary Policy for Preparation of Certain Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Products During the Public Health Emergency (COVID-19).
This makes FDA approved sanitizers the top choice for medical professionals and those who want the "strongest and most effective" sanitizers.

The CDC's standards state products using 60% alcohol is satisfactory for hand washing replacement (but hand washing is always preferred), giving some people peace of mind for any of those products that are 60%+ alcohol.

In other words, the choice is yours! Your decision depends on your needs. Looking for the safest and most effective option? Look for and verify FDA approvals or use the products listing at least 80% alcohol. If your needs are also tailored towards keeping your hands clean and moisturized, you may want to look towards options like our Hand Purifier, which exceeds CDC  recommended guidelines.

Where we tie in to this: 


We have brought you the best of both worlds. Listed in our diagram at the top of this post, we break down our two products and how we cover all of these guidelines on both sides of the spectrum.

  • Our Hand PurifierThis is a product here to stay with our company. It follows all of the standards we try to represent; using the highest quality ingredients, eco-friendly and sustainable packaging, as well as adding in cleansing Eucalyptus Oil on top of exceeding the CDC recommended 60% alcohol content. Currently only offered in one size for only $6, this Pocket Purifier sells itself to our supporters by checking all of those healthy and eco-friendly boxes.
  • Due to the rising demand of Sanitizers, we wanted to provide one that could be quickly made to meet the rising needs while making it affordable and versatile. Cue our Hand Sanitizer: using a formula that is pre-approved by the FDA, this sanitizer doubles as a surface sanitizer as well. Along with being packaged in plastic for emergency relief reasons, this product is temporary and meant to fill a need during this time.

As this journey continues for us during this trying time, we will be announcing different giveaways for our supporters and those in need. We will also be taking advantage of opportunities to support Medical professionals, First Responders, and all of their workplaces locally, as well as nationwide.

Help us spread the word

Here at Pretty Frank, we believe strongly in transparency and honesty. We know that knowledge is power. Which is why we want to help give you the best information to make the smartest decisions for yourself and those around you.

Thank you all for your continued support, we wouldn't be Pretty Frank without any of you.

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* - Temporary Policy for Preparation of Certain Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Products During the Public Health Emergency (COVID-19)

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