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Pit Detox Protocol

Pit Detox Protocol

For many people, making the change to a truly chemical-free natural deodorant can induce a pit detoxifying phase.  Pit Detox isn’t exactly enjoyable, but if you’re experiencing it, be proud of yourself!  Your body is sending clear signals that it is recognizing and responding to the important change you’ve made with your deodorant.  We’re going to share with you what to expect and tips that might make the process quicker and easier. 

“How do I know if I’m experiencing Pit Detox?”  

You’re stinkier than usual, even while using Primal Pit Paste.

We know what you’re thinking: “Hey, I thought this stuff was supposed to kill odor!  What gives?”  Often what happens after years of using aluminum antiperspirants or chemical deodorants is toxins and bacteria have built up in and under the skin due to the clogging nature of those products.  Now that you’ve ditched the junk, your pits can unload all the gunk they’ve been holding onto all these years and sometimes that’s stinky business.  So you might actually have smellier pits than ever for a short time.  Not only are your pits getting to breathe for the first time in years, but baking soda may also have a drawing effect that actively pulls toxins and bacteria from the skin so your Primal Pit Paste might be coaxing crud out of your pits more quickly.  A great quick-fix for stinky detoxing pits is our Pit Pump Natural Deodorant Sprays.  Think of it as breath spray for your pits. We’ll tell you more about how to deal with your detox funk in a moment.

You’re sweatier than ever, even while using Primal Pit Paste.

Are your pits crying you a river?  Don’t worry, they’re probably tears of joy!  Aluminum antiperspirants actually travel into and block your sweat glands so that you sweat into your body instead of out of it.  We wish that it wasn’t a dirty secret, but it’s the stinking truth.  But your body is smart, it knows it needs to get that nasty stuff outta there and may start producing more sweat in an effort to clean out the sludge getting trapped in your glands and pit lymph nodes.  So when you start using a seriously effective natural product like Primal Pit Paste, your sweat glands are still in overdrive for a bit while they’re finally able to successfully sweat out all that garbage in the right direction!  Fear not- wet pits are not in the forecast for long.  Most people see a normalizing of their sweat production after a few days or weeks. Then the arrowroot powder in Primal Pit Paste will easily be able to absorb excess moisture once your pits get the hint that they can chill out. 

You have some tenderness in the pit lymph node areas.

Feeling a bit tender or bumpy under those newly primal arms?  We’re not too surprised about this one either.  Toxins, bacteria, and fake chemical crud are all inflammatory substances that aluminum antiperspirants keep trapped inside your body.  When your pits can finally push that junk out, your lymph nodes, which are responsible for doing all that filtering, can become inflamed as they get overloaded with years worth of inflammatory waste.  Check out this testimonial from a customer who experienced this:

“Just purchased your product (about 10 days ago). It's working pretty well until both my husband and I are both experiencing painful lymph nodes under our armpit. Is that normal?... [fast-forward a few weeks]...Now after about a month of use, we no longer experiencing pain, and there are no more bumps under our arm pit. My husband actually says that the arm pit odor has decreased naturally since using your product.... Thank you.”

You can also try adding our Pit Primer Skin Soothing Serum during this phase to give tender pits some TLC. However, this sign of detox, that should only last for the first few weeks, is not to be confused with sensitivity to baking soda.  Learn more about that in our Pit Tips & FAQs.

“Ok, I get it.  Pit Detox is a good thing.  But how can I get it over with ASAP?”

Pit Detox is a lot like any other bodily detox.  There are some holistic steps that you can take that may reduce your stink factor and get you through the process more quickly: 

If you’re still not sure whether you’re experiencing pit detox, feel free to contact us with questions.

Important Disclaimer: 

Although we see all of the above as common signs of pit detox, we are not doctors.

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